• MBD 01 Sunglasses
  • MBD 01 Sunglasses
  • MBD 01 Sunglasses
  • MBD 01 Sunglasses
  • MBD 01 Sunglasses

MBD 01 Sunglasses

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Introducing the charm of the classics with a dash of contemporary flair, the MOTE Tortoise Sunglasses are a testament to timeless fashion. Crafted with a unique tortoiseshell pattern and adorned with sophisticated dark lenses, they are more than mere eyewear – they are an embodiment of style and statement.

The benefits of our dark lenses extend beyond just a sleek look:

Supreme UV Protection: Embrace the sun with confidence, knowing that your eyes are shielded from harmful UV rays. Each moment under the sun is made safer and more enjoyable.

Enhanced Privacy: The rich, dark tint allows you to survey your surroundings without giving away your gaze. A perfect companion for those moments when you wish to be lost in your thoughts or observations.

Reduced Eye Fatigue: Our lenses ensure that your eyes remain comfortable, reducing strain from excessive brightness, whether you're at the beach or on a sunlit café terrace.

Timeless Appeal: The tortoise shell design, coupled with the dark lenses, promises a versatile look that complements every outfit and occasion.

Step into the scene with MOTE Tortoise Sunglasses, where elegance is not just seen but also felt. Every glance, every moment, every sunlit adventure is enhanced with a touch of refined style.

*This product is made-to-order with 6-8 week lead time