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False Thoughts by Larmour

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Larmour Delivers a Cinematic Soundscape in the Upcoming 'False Thoughts EP'

Larmour, the UK-born and Tbilisi Georgia-based artist, is set to release his upcoming 'False Thoughts EP' on March 3rd via MOTE Records. The EP takes listeners on a journey through Larmour's personal experiences and emotions as he navigates a new country and discovers the challenges and triumphs of life in a new place.

The 'False Thoughts EP' showcases Larmour's love for breaks, combined with a rich tapestry of emotions, from love to pain, loneliness, joy, and nostalgia. The four tracks on the EP, including the title track 'False Thoughts', '52Down', 'Over' and the highly-anticipated 'N.A,' offer a glimpse into Larmour's world and provide a moving, danceable soundscape that explores the complexities of human emotions.

Larmour's goal with the EP is to encourage listeners to live in the present, appreciate memories from the past, and not get caught up in nostalgia. The EP's nostalgic elements are balanced by an overall message of growth and the idea that life is always throwing curveballs.

The 'False Thoughts EP' demonstrates Larmour's ability to combine breaks, emotion, and danceability.

1. N.A. 06:18
2. False Thoughts 07:22
3. 52Down 06:08
4. Over 05:25