• (Pre-Order) Mechanics EP 12" by Memphis Glass
  • (Pre-Order) Mechanics EP 12" by Memphis Glass

(Pre-Order) Mechanics EP 12" by Memphis Glass

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Memphis Glass returns to the forefront of electronic exploration with his latest Mechanics EP, a kaleidoscope of sound, spanning four tracks that push the boundaries of our sensory experiences.

Kicking off the EP is the title track 'Mechanics', which weaves a delicate tapestry of resonant chords and shimmering patterns, all anchored by a subtly powerful bass. It's a masterful blend of sound that sets the tone for the whole EP.

'Unpacked', a track with a laid-back vibe that meanders through the daily hustle with an easy grace. It's a six-minute escape for minds buzzing from the constant stimulation of everyday life.

The EP stands out for its intricate, narrative textures that add layers of depth and meaning. 'Hard Times' exemplifies this - it's a track that feels just as right on old, dusty speakers in a cozy room as it does soundtracking a sunrise at an after-hours party. It's this adaptability that underlines the EP's magic, a subtle reminder that there's still wonder to be found in music.

Closing out the EP is 'Let It Pour Out Of You', a track that encapsulates the essence of the entire collection. It’s unhurried, deep, and oozes personality, perfectly rounding off Memphis Glass's latest auditory adventure with a sense of cathartic release.

1.Mechanics 05:35
2.Unpacked 05:41
3.Hard Times 05:48
4.Let It Pour Out Of You 05:57
Mastered by the wizard Klas Lindblad at Blackhead Studios.
Pressed in Helsinki MOTE Records / MOTE008