• Mood Of The Era II EP by Various Artists

Mood Of The Era II EP by Various Artists

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The Mood of the Era II EP is a testament to the label's commitment to showcasing the diversity and depth of the electronic music scene. Rather than adhering to one specific signature sound, the EP and label celebrate the many moods and emotions of our era. Digital release.

From the nostalgic loft atmosphere of “Memphis Glass - You’re Almost Perfect” to the frenetic energy of “Cyphon - MVP,” the tracks on the EP demonstrate the wide range of emotions that electronic music is capable of expressing. This versatility is one of the defining characteristics of MOTE Records and the EP, which makes it a must-listen for fans of the label and anyone who appreciates unconventional electronic music.

1. 1989 - GSTRINGS 05:30
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2. Cyphon - MVP 04:45
3. Chrysalis - Blasfemmeous 04:54
4. Jazzyvibe - 1993G 04:49
5. DJ Eurovox - Lost In Space (Love Transmission) 04:36
6. Vilhelm - Lost In 05:54
7. Unknown Artist - Plan B (Original Mix) 07:34
8. Prince of Bowl-Air - Revelation 06:43
9. Memphis Glass - You're Almost Perfect 05:51
10. Sam Karam - Birdiesthatfly 08:20
11. Larmour - I Used To Feel It 05:16
12. Voyd - Untitled 04:16

Mastering: Klas Lindblad (Blackhead Studios)
Artwork: Tony Hopkins
Album curation: Mete Benli

MOTE Records / MOTE004 released December 31, 2022